Double slit

Referring to the famous double slit experiment, demonstrating that light and matter can display characteristics of both classically defined waves and particles. This series of work represent a reflexive question of the nature of art itself. Thoughts on the process of art making in all its facets. Taking real world art objects and packaging them in different form and underlying visual aesthetic whilst alluding to their mundane function. Anchored in the everyday, yet stretched to see how far away you can lead a subject before it starts to create its own dialogue with itself

Time and Date

Musing over the relevancy of new elements to the way human interaction plays out in the brave new world. A new evolutionary tool has become a key player in the streamlining of the gene pool. Connections that would otherwise be impossible can now emerge. As a first response, the series is executed with pencil on paper, something to be fleshed out at a later point. A reflection of the way our biological imperative adapts to phenomena

Catching big fish with little nets

Looking at the chance elements of life. The serendipity of the assemblage to this series is in itself bordering on fantasy. The various elements bringing chance into the equation by their disparate routes to arrive at the coalescence of the idea into form. The spark of the idea initiated by discarded losing lottery tickets and their heavily loaded potential.


I’m searching for an expression that can reflect the avalanche to the senses that is life. For me these paintings represent that fine line between the states of sleep and consciousness, where things are familiar yet strange and impossible. The subconscious pried open. Experimental paintings combining elements of traditional oil painting, photography, collage and image compositing.

Icon series

A deliberate crashing of established forms. The element of religious iconography rather than being used as a vehicle to reaffirm the past it is turned on it’s head to gaze into a possible future. Still containing sentiments true to the origin but replacing the subject matter to that of the tool, home appliance and component to consider a possible outcome to our present course many years into the future. Taking the tenet that if god created us in its own image. Then you could say, that which we create must in turn be god?